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Uncommon Sense

As I'm typing this, it's 9 minutes after 4pm. The Governor of Kentucky is speaking telling us how bad the Coronavirus Pandemic is in Kentucky.

The only thing that's bothering me more than the infection rates are the comments made by people. People who are our neighbors. Our family members. The person standing next to us at the grocery store. My wife was with a couple friends and she overheard someone discuss how they "don't believe in the Coronavirus". I've heard people, as the 2020 Presidential Election loomed closer, say out loud, with their actual voices, that after election day the Virus would just disappear. People have said on my timeline on Social Media - my timeline, humans I actually know - say that "Oh gee, look, after the election, we haven't seen anything about COVID" (which wasn't true)

Listen, I shouldn't have to say this - COVID-19 - the disease that we're all talking about - is NOT manufactured by the United States Government for the sake of controlling the American People.

The Virus is real. Have I known anyone personally who has caught COVID? Yes, in fact, I have. Have they died? No, they have not. One got REALLY close, but they're okay.

The part of this that made me write a blog about it is that idea that in the Year 2020, in Betty White's America, people don't BELIEVE in science. Let me say this again: People don't BELIEVE in SCIENCE! Bitch, this ain't Santa Claus! This ain't the Easter Bunny! This isn't about what you BELIEVE. Let me try this another way....

If you're reading this, you're on some kind of device. Science did that. Are the lights on? Do you have lights? Science did that. Do you have a car? Have you flown in a plane? Do you know what the really bright ass ball thing in the sky during the day is? Do you have a stove? Microwave? Been to a doctor of any type ever? Do you enjoy "intoxicating spirits"? CD Player? Spotify playlist? Noisy ass toy in your kids room that you REALLY wish your mother didn't by your kid for their last birthday? Credit card? Taken Tylenol? Have you been safe from Polio? SCIENCE DID THAT!!!!!

Science is REAL. There's a whole fuckin' method to the "madness" that you, a general individual, can not just "believe away". It just doesn't work like that. Try it! Go ahead.... try it. I'll wait...

- waits -

Did it work? No? Didn't think so.

Science is real. Why do I have to explain this? ... wait? What was that?

"Masks don't work!"

"But it's my right to not wear a mask!"

"I didn't vote for him! I don't have to listen to him!"

"Not my governor!"

"The governor is doing too much!"

"I'll do what I want, when I want and you can kiss my butt if you don't like it!"

"I'm having 50 people over for Thanksgiving, period, no matter what!"

Man, aggressive! Okay, listen to me- - - - - - - let's try this:

I can believe that abortions are wrong. That's my personal belief. I also don't have a uterus. So, my general opinion doesn't mean shit. Now, if my wife and I find ourselves pregnant tomorrow, the decision to keep our baby and/or maintain the pregnancy. We would likely elect to keep our baby. My official position is Pro-Choice. Just because WE would keep OUR baby, doesn't mean some woman across the country who has never heard my name spoken would do the same.

Public policies are suppose to benefit the Public - ALL the Public. People who worship differently. People who live differently. People who think differently. Everyone. To focus our ENTIRE country on "Christian Values" sounds really great! As a Christian, I have a lot of faith in Christian Values. My oldest son prayed for his uncle about an hour ago (new job), but I also know a lot of NOT CHRISTIANS who are still GREAT people. Why should the "Land of the FREE" tell these TAX PAYING CITIZENS, who exercise their RIGHT to freedom of Religion differently, that they MUST live a Christ-Like way? Is that what Jesus would do?

This is a long one, I know. I know I've lost some of you - but even as I'm writing this, someone who caught COVID is complaining about the new restrictions (which are rather mild, to be honest) are too much and is urging their friend to make sure they have guns for a "revolt against the Governor"

Look, I like to go out and I LOVE bars, and restaurants, and concerts, and festivals, and musicals, and gatherings - I love to travel! I miss ALL OF THESE THINGS. I want EVERYTHING TO REOPEN! But, I only want it done when it's safe. News Flash: We haven't dealt with anything of this caliber in our lifetimes. I haven't. My mother hasn't. You haven't. Likely, your mother hasn't and if there IS someone alive that has dealt with this (1918 Pandemic) they were so young the impact wouldn't have been noticed. We have a responsibility. To ourselves and our neighbors. We, the People, AS a People, need to personify "United" States of America. This Virus is REAL. It may not be as many people as YOU might view as important, but people are dying and those people might not have been you, but they were someone.

It sucks that bartenders and servers are out of work. I have many friends who are depending on that income to feed their families and I wish I had answers for them. I understand that when you have a baby at home, you're not so worried about EVERYONE. You're worried about your LITTLE ONE - and rightfully so. But, what you ALSO have to acknowledge is that, if you job was Mayor, Governor, or even President, your job is the, as the preamble states, "General Welfare" of the people in your jurisdiction. It's not personal - it's the right call. It just is.

Be smart. Stay safe. Remember: This song isn't about the individual. It's about the Collective. Think beyond your walls.

- Moon

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