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Stories Written by Dwan L Hearn

This page is dedicated to my fictional writings. All of these stories are my original works. Please Enjoy! Please share opinions by emailing me at

The Copperwheat Collection is a collection of four short stories with a common "dream" theme placing four characters in horrible situations. 

The collection also includes the short story, Sunflowers, exploring one's "last walk".

The book is available in both eBook and Paperback on Amazon by clicking the link HERE:  The Copperwheat Collection

Such Is Life 01

Sample (From Episode I)

My name is Zachary Morris Miles. Yes, actual legal birth name. I was born in the 90s and my mom just LOVED that show “Saved By the Bell”! She was so obsessed with that show, the characters, and that whole 'slightly imperfect' high school experience that she wished she had. She also, apparently, had an unhealthy celebrity crush on Mark-Paul Gosselaar. It was so bad, she almost convinced herself that ‘Zack Morris’ was my real father and was going to add "Junior" to the end of my name. My grandparents stopped that. "Just because you don't know the father doesn't mean you can just make one up" my grandma used to say. My mom's kinda off. She'd start inventing new TV dads for me.


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