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Where My Head Is

It's Monday. I just took a shower and now I'm sitting in front of my computer writing a blog entry before I write my November/December newsletter. I haven't been as consistent with the blog so I thought I'd just share where my head is.

I'm doing okay, but not great. I've been dealing with a lot of anxiety surrounding our kitchen. I love the kitchen. It's my favorite room in any house. But we have so much work that needs to be done in that room that it really bothers me that it isn't perfect.

Worst of all, we have been having issues with our washing machine. Beyond the machine acting up on occasion, it was leaking. I'm not sure what it is or why, but I have a real problem with water. Heavy rain or flooding drives me crazy and fills me with so much anxiety that it's best for me to just sit in one spot and avoid even the conversation about the water.

The kitchen flooded over the weekend. Instead of saying that directly, my wife, knowing how a flooded kitchen would affect me, just asked me to go next door and ask the neighbor for their ShopVac. When asked why, she told me that the mystery flooding was confirmed to be from the washing machine and that the kitchen was flooded.

I did my best to push everything out of my mind and I got the shop vac. I cleaned the kitchen and found that the issue was a hole in the tube that pumps the water out.

The water was cleaned and the tube was replaced. I was nervous until a few loads of laundry was done including the towels that we used at first to clean the floor.

I'm better now.

I had some great conversations over the weekend and they've helped.

Seems weird, but I feel like the Universe is stepping into its next chapter. The characters are changing. Some old ones, some new ones, and there I am in the middle, the center hub across which everything in the universe is spinning.

...but I'm okay.

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