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So What Next?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Today is November 3rd, 2020. Election Day. The Finale of the 2020 Election Season. Tonight, is the final day to rally for the Presidency. Based on what happens tonight will determine the next four years of American history. I cast my vote days ago while others are lining up at the polls right now. Because of the pandemic and the measures that changed the way we voted, the likelihood that we'll have official final results tonight is slim so we will go to bed, if the anxiety lets us, and wake up tomorrow when all the ballots will have been somehow submitted...

... so now what? What's next?

Whether the People want to admit it or not, America is in a very fragile state. There's great racial division. General distrust of Law Enforcement. There's nearly no moderate faith in the Presidency (and let me be clear - I'm referring to the OFFICE of the Presidency, not whomever is holding said office). There's mass confusion and fear concerning the Coronavirus. Mixed opinions on the ACTUAL strength of the American Economy. The list goes on and on and on.

Even the threat that, if certain Americans don't get their way, a Civil War will ensue. Seriously, America?! This is where we are?!

Whether anyone likes it or not, America is flawed. Her greatest flaw is the idea that America doesn't need an upgrade. Consider This:

Look around your room. Look at your walls, your floors, your doors, your ceiling fan, your TV, your DVD player, your stereo, the computer or phone you're reading this blog on., your shoes, your clothes.... what do they ALL have in common? At some point, they need to be replaced. Whether it's because the clothes no longer fit or the shoes are wore out or your phone is just obsolete, at some point and for some reason everything in your LIFE needs to be upgraded somehow. America as a WHOLE is no different.

Our Founding document was written in the 1700s. Since then, it's been amended. Why? Upgrades. When the Constitution was written, I wouldn't have been allowed to learn how to read or write. This blog is brought to you by American Upgrades. My marriage would have been illegal. It's brought to you by American Upgrades. Majority of people in America wouldn't be allowed to vote today. That Right was brought to you by American Upgrades.

We're running on completely obsolete rules and regulations and it's high time that we review America, Official. What does that mean? It means that WE, the People, in order to REform an EVEN MORE perfect Union, need to RE-establish JUSTICE as it applies to ALL Americans (because not all Americans were included when this was written), insure domestic TRANQUILTY (the state of being tranquil, which is defined as meaning "free from agitation of mind and spirit" aka peace of mind.) provide for the common defense (in my personal opinion, this isn't the Military. This means that the average citizen should feel safe whether at home, at work, at school, at the club, at the park, EVERYWHERE. People shouldn't feel like their lives could be in danger if they take a late night jog or visit a friend in a demographically different part of town), promote the general Welfare (now, this just simply means that Americans are generally happy. Doesn't mean rich or always getting their way, but it means that everyone is free to just be happy, whatever that might mean. Even if you believe in God, or don't. Even if you homosexual, or not. This includes healthcare AND the RIGHT to marry who you love AND the Woman's RIGHT to do with her own body as SHE deems fit - period!) and secure the Blessings of Liberty (that's freedoms) to ourselves and our Posterity (that's WHOEVER would be here in the future.)

America, Official, needs are reboot. A COMPLETE review and reform of our COUNTRY and it's ENTIRE foundation, to ensure it's still up to code (which it isn't) and make sure that it works for ALL Americans - not just us, but our children, their children, their friends, their neighbors, and ANYONE else in between. It's about time we realized that this land, as the song goes, was made for YOU and ME (regardless of who's singing and whom they are singing to!)

- Moon

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