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My Bad...

Man, has it really been since Imaginarium that I posted a blog?! My Bad... Imma do better, but man, it's been good time since.

One of the reasons I've been away is that I've been busy with newer projects. I have 4 scripts at various stages of no-where-near-done. We've produced the "award-winning" screenplay "Screenshots" into a short. Thought it'd be released by now, but it's being held up on some minor tweaks that it needs. You'll know when it is and when that time comes, you'll be able to see it right here at !

"Screenshots" Movie Poster
"Screenshots" Movie Poster

What else?

I had a wonderful walk with my friend Kristen a couple weeks ago. We walked the Big Four Bridge and had a fantastic talk. To have a friend WANT to just chill with me is refreshing. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of us together or of her, but I did take this:

Big Four Bridge
Big Four Bridge - Louisville, KY

Yesterday, the family went to the park and had a pretty good time. The kids played in the water while I did not! The boys and I walked around a bit and Donny and I ventured ever so briefly into the woods. He enjoyed standing on this fallen tree.

Donny on a tree
Donny on a tree

Yeah, so, I'll do better at posting blogs on Mondays and I will try to go live on Fridays and discuss some hot topic!

Also, I'm looking for guest/co-hosts for The Moon Unscathed Podcast. Open to anything! Email me at

Thank you all!

- The Moon

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