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The Great Month

Welcome to The Great Month of October is finally here! We're on the second half of the 61 Days of October and I couldn't be more excited!

Yesterday was October 1st or the 32nd Octoberian Day and it was generally lowkey, though I know that it's the beginning of a lot. There's a Taco Festival that I'll be attending, a Horror Con that I won't be attending, Halloween parties and many other gathering in celebration of The Great Month and its closer, Halloween.

The month will be filled with beautiful horror movies and new projects that I'll hopefully work on this week. I'm very excited for the weeks to come!

Today was Parent-Teacher Conferences and of the school-age children, we only went to one conference. Normally, we go to all three, but the oldest just had an Open House and I talked to her teachers then. There aren't any behavioral concerns and her grades are high. The youngest's teacher is ill so they cancelled so it was just the one and we only went because she's new to the classroom (like, brand new - she's been there a week) and we wanted to meet her and have her meet us.

The biggest thing is communication and keeping open communication is always a goal. There is very little that cannot be accomplished with open communication.

Not much to this week's blog. I want to thank people for their support of Screenshots on Youtube.

(If you haven't seen it, click HERE) and thank you all for following along with my daily updates throughout Unofficial October. Doing those reflective updates just kinda happened, but in doing them, I've learned so much about myself. More on that probably in the November Moonletter (sign up for it at )

That's enough for now. To enjoy the rest of the week. Smile and keep going.

- The Moon

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