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Mania Weekend

Hey! Look at me! Two weeks in a row!

As a fan of professional wrestling, this was a very important weekend for me. This was WrestleMania weekend! During this weekend in particular, all eyes are on pro wrestling, not just WWE. Other wrestling promotions put on shows or events during this time and usually in the same city.

One of these events was WrestleCon, a wrestling convention that I will have to attend at some point. Unfortunately, I was reminded of this event because of an occurrence that took place.

A wrestler named Gisele Shaw was walking when she was harassed by a legend of wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer, Rick Steiner. Shaw is a transgender female who wrestles for Impact Wrestling. Steiner was accused of yelling anti-trans statements at Shaw, not once but twice. WrestleCon released a statement following Shaw's social media accusation, saying they were aware of what happened and took care of it, though they didn't say how.

What bothered Shaw was that no one there defended her against Steiner, more so, that no one stood against Steiner for the public disrespect of Shaw.

I'll be honest here. I wasn't there and I'm not even a fan of Shaw's on-screen character, but I wouldn't need to be a fan of, let's say, Bobby Lashley, to know that someone calling him the N-word is wrong and shouldn't be acceptable.

What I don't understand about bigotry is "Why". Why would anyone waste so much time and energy just to be a hateful ass hat? That just takes up WAY too much personal energy to dislike someone for things that don't directly or indirectly impact you, your peoples, or your way of life. It just doesn't make sense.

What concerns me is that Rick Steiner's son is also a wrestler moving up in the WWE. Bron Breakker was just NXT Champion, losing his title to Carmelo Hayes at NXT Stand and Deliver this past Saturday. I'd hate to have Bron pay for the "sins of his father" or worse, to find that he also shares the disrespect for other people like his father. Bron has a promising future and if he has unsavory opinions, my hopes are that he can keep that shit to himself for the respect of those in his industry and the rest of the World.

Beyond that, it was a typical Big Wrestling Weekend! The family got snacks and had chicken wings and enjoyed the show. I also enjoyed predicting the winners of the matches. I was 6 for 7 on Night 1 and 50/50 for Night 2 with this excitement of Rhea Ripley winning the SmackDown Women's Champion and Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens winning the WWE Undisputed Tag Team Championships.

The storylines have been great, but it's almost getting lost by the behind-the-scenes stuff like the partnership with Endeavor, UFC's parent company, to form a new company and the allegations on Vince McMahon that forced him out of the WWE and the shady way he forced himself back into the Company.

I just want my wrestling, man. I just want my bloody wrestling!

I'm excited about this week as it's Spring Break and the kids are home. No major plans but I like when they're home (and I get to sleep in)

This week should be filled with news and business updates so I'm looking forward to this week of announcements and the work lining up for the next couple of months.

Enjoy your week, everyone. Until next time,

- The Moon

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