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Looking Back

I didn't realize it'd been a month since I posted a blog here! My bad! I'll do better, I promise, but to be fair, I've been pretty busy!

Mainly, I've been doing a lot of writing. The newest script is coming together pretty well and I believe this is the single longest project I've ever had. "Such Is Life" collectively might be longer, but it's in eight parts so I don't know if that counts. It's called "Companion" and it will work as a companion piece to "Screenshots". Meaning, it exists in the same "Universe".

Aside from that, I FINALLY started my wrestling podcast "Moon=Wrestling". It makes me happy that I have a place I can discuss/rant/bitch and complain about different elements of Professional Wrestling.

I'm writing this on the sixth of November and the next episode I have planned will be about Tag Teams!

Also, look for me on where I along with the hosts James and Don, see how many wrestling puns we can fit into a discussion about the movie "The Menu" Should be out around Thanksgiving.

I was also busy with my daily posts throughout the 61 Days of October. This was a wonderful experience trying to find something noteworthy about my day every day for two months. I'm looking into something to do with those posts so stay tuned for that. Those two months were filled with many ups and downs, including the loss of a damn good friend of mine, Johnny Haveman.

I met Johnny back in high school. I wouldn't say he was one of the "bad kids" but "following the rules" wasn't a top priority. I remember one morning in particular when I saw him walking away from the school as I was walking toward the school. I'm not sure why that always stood out to me, but it did. Maybe it was because I knew Johnny was a cool enough dude and I didn't understand why he would cut school or whatever else he may have done.

All of which contributed to the joy and pride I felt when he told me he chose to join the Navy. My grandfather was in the Navy long before I was born, but I knew the pride he always held for his service. I felt the military would give Johnny what he was looking for, whatever that might have been.

When he got out of the Navy, he hit me up and invited me over to his new apartment. He told me that he got his head straight, got many skills, and saw the world. I couldn't have been happier for him. He had a nice place, money in the bank, and was happy.

We would stay in contact, not talking daily, but often. There was another day he asked me to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. We sat and ate and he told me that he was about to be a father! He was excited, but nervous and asked me for advice about being a father. It felt nice to be respected and trusted with such a request.

Time passed, as it tends to do, and it'd be years before we sat and broke bread again. We ate a the new seafood spot by the mall and that's when he updated me about all of the issues he was having with his health. Scared the hell out of me. It was a reality check that we don't have to be 60 or 70 to deal with heart issues. I mean, I KNEW this, but it's different when it's someone you knew from way back, you know?

I was about to post for Day 60/61 when I saw a post from my friend Anthony. I messaged him directly and sure enough - Johnny was gone.

Throughout the 61 Days of October, I had many moments where I was reminded that we are surrounded by people we love, who love us, yet we don't put forth the energy to fellowship with. I suggest that we change this at once. This past July, the joy of having serious conversations with practical strangers over ice cream was incredible. I had so many random conversations and walked away from all of them a better person because of them.

Get out of your bubble and talk to people!

Johnny called me on Nine's Day. He just wanted to tell me how much he loved and appreciated me for just being a good friend. I wish I saved that voicemail.

Until we meet again, Sir. Rest in Power.

- The Moon

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