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61 Days of October

Welcome to the 61 Days of October!

But Dwan, it's September and October only has 31 days...

Well, technically you're right, but that doesn't matter here.

In my world, we no longer have a use for "September" as it's really just 30 days to prepare for all things "Spooky Season". So, in my Moon Wisdom, I've declared the month known as September to be henceforth known as Unofficial October, with actual October henceforth known as "The Great Month of October".

This year, I made graphics!

61 Days of October - Purple
61 Days of October - Purple

This year, I'm posting daily something about each of the Octoberian Days (I just made that word up and I like it so prepare to see it around more and if I didn't make it up... I'm claiming it.) In addition to that, I'm connecting a song to every single one of the Octoberian Days. Today's song will likely be, but not yet official, "Rich Men North of Richmond" by Oliver Anthony. This song lead to a conversation with my wife about Governmental Safety Nets, their usefulness and the public impressions of the systems, abuse of said systems, and the people who use them. It was a good talk and, barring another song having a greater impact on the day, this will be the song for the Fourth Octoberian Day.

At the end of the Octoberian Period, I will probably create a playlist of all the song and it'll be on shortly there after.

Now, you can imagine that some people may not like the idea that I've claimed the entirety of this month for October, namely my best friend Katherine, whose birthday is the 9th. So, for her, I declared the Ninth Octoberian Day to be Nine's Day. There was an official drink called the Ninth Phase of the Moon (or Ninth Phase for short, but I didn't get the recipe from the bartender so I'll have to make of a new version of the Ninth Phase.) Kat loves to read, so I'll say that if you want to celebrate Nine's Day, you should take time to read something. And if you want to give a gift, give someone special a copy of a book that either means a lot to you OR makes you think of them. I think it's a really nice way to honor my friend so... there you go.

Nine's Day
Nine's Day

That's really all I got today. Today is Labor Day so lots of people are off work. You should be relaxing (the dishes can wait). If you ARE working today, America loves you and thanks you for your double pay! lol

Have a great week!

- The Moon

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