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We're making a Movie!

It's Monday so you know what it is! But it's not Monday that I'm excited for. It's Saturday. Why? We're making a movie!!! More about that in a minute.

This past week was generally uneventful. I'm still upset that I didn't have a movie review ready for Friday and I'm still upset about this fourth short story. But hey, that's writer's life, right?

One thing I did do was cook a new dish. It's from a Mediterranean cookbook and it's called Chicken Cassoulet and it's basically a stew with lightly breaded chicken, sausage, Northern beans, and peppers. It's supposed to have bacon and I cooked the bacon, but I might have burned some and it impacted the rest of the bacon, so while it had bacon grease, it didn't have bacon. But the dish was AMAZING! I will be making it again. My mother-in-law suggested having it with cornbread and I think she's 100% correct.

Another thing of note - I had Scream-a-thon with my "Whiskey Wife" Brittany and during the 12-hour Scream-fest, we thought that doing a movie double-feature would be cool because there are so many great movies she hasn't seen (and I'm sure there are some dope movies I've never seen. One of the movies in question is my former No. 1 favorite movie The Fifth Element. It's a GREAT movie and Brittany needs to see it. It took me a while to determine the movie to pair and I think I figured it out. In Time, starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried where mankind is genetically engineered to live until the age of 25. After that, time is like currently. You work for time. You spend time for goods. If you're rich, you are practically immortal. I'm going to run this double-feature by Britt and see what she thinks. It'll be good for next Saturday...

...because THIS Saturday, ARC Studios and NightRaven Productions at making a short film! With the formation of our new venture, we wanted to ensure that we could work together. So I wrote a quick little scene and we're filming it this Saturday!

I wrote something and it's being filmed. I'm proud of this. It hasn't sunk in really but this is what any writer wants. I'm not acting in this, but I'll be "script consultant" and assistant director and whatever the hell other roles I'm needed for. It's a four-person set so there will be many hats on my head.

Thank you for the support. If you're reading this, you're a HUGE part of my world and support team. I hope to have some behind-the-scenes pics for next week's blog and IG (because of course I will)

- The Moon

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