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Where My Head Has Been

It's been a while since I blogged last. Sorry that I've been away.

Life's been filled with a lot of nothing and everything at the same time, you know?

In short, I'm okay. I'm spending a lot of my time supporting my Circle and trying to equally support myself. It's not easy, but I'm making it.

My family is still dealing with the loss of their Husband/Father/Grandfather. Just this past Thanksgiving, my youngest son broke down into tears as we were about to have our non-traditional dinner of tacos and chilli. He missed his papaw. Folks, I, as a parent, completely misjudged the impact this loss would have on my youngest. I pulled him aside and he and I had dinner in my room, allowing him time to relax and calm himself before enjoying the rest of the day with family.

My friends are all going through their own miscellaneous issues and I'm trying to be the best Moon to them I can be. How? Just by being there, you know? Being present to listen. Being there to offer advice when it's asked. Being present to not judge them for their actions, but to help them navigate the often murky waters they tread. And really, folks, what else is there for a good friend to do?

Writing has been hard. As you can see I haven't been blogging as regularly as before. I've been progressing with "Such Is Life" at barely a snail's pace, but I have been working on "Conversations of Convenience" a lot more. Maybe I'll share a chapter...

... I think I will.

In some happier news, my friend Jayson William Allen will be releasing a new music video that I might feature here on the website. "Over the Under" can be triggering to some, as it depicts imagery of suicide and assault. It's designed to open the door to conversations about mental health and I'm MORE than willing to help guide that conversation. Is that something you'd be interested in? Let me know! DLHearnWrites@gmail.com or hit me up on any of my socials - links on the homepage. I had the pleasure to be on set with this shoot and man, was it difficult to watch, all things considered. It was an absolute honor, though, and I cannot wait to help with more projects.

Subscribe to JWA TV on Youtube to find out when the video drops!

Also, there have been some newer talks about podcasting. What are some podcasting ideas that interest you? What would you like to hear me talk about or discuss? Tell me about those too.

Even my favorite escape, professional wrestling, has seemingly betrayed me. Specifically, WWE. The idea of working for them as a writer was officially my dream job. Now, I don't think I could morally do so. Firing talents that THEY misused. It's terrible. Horribly booked segments. Just... all bad.

RIP Hit Row

That's all really. Just letting people know that I'm still here to do the thing and let people in on what's going on around me. Thanks for reading this. Means SO MUCH to me. Thank you for your ongoing support. Hopefully, the fruits of my labors will manifest sooner than later.

Until next time.

- The Moon

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