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Unscathed's First Guest

It's about 9:30am and I'm just now sitting down to write this blog. It's not exactly late, but I feel like I was scrambling this morning. Last week was rough. EVERYONE in the house caught this Not-Even-24-Hour stomach bug. (Insider note: it took me WAY too long to remember how to spell "stomach". That's happened a few times recently and I'm not okay with it. My mind is all I got and I can't afford to lose it....more than I have already)

Anyway, every caught it one after the other so the WHOLE damn house was sick. Not cool, Universe. Not cool!.

Beyond that, I'm happy to say that a lot of the project I have lined up are actually starting to fall into place. I can't go into most of them, but know that there will be a lot of things with my name on them come August.

One project that I'm glad is at least starting is The Moon Unscathed. I'm MONTHS late on the start time, but as I'm mentioned before, I was struggling with my format. As of right now, there is no "official format". I'm just being me and recording it, though today I am trying something. Today, I'll be meeting with my friend and fellow Bourbon Triad member, Michelle Black, to discuss real estate and the housing market in general. Later this week, I'll have the episode up and he info with be available then.

So, for now, I'll be checking equipment and such to make sure this whole thing works so I can no only be a source of friendly discourse but a resource for information.

Thanks, Michelle. Your agreement to do this interview reflects your faith in me and that is greatly appreciated.

Keep an eye on for the interview, more blog stuff, and my movie reviews. Also, some random short stories are coming up soon.

- The Moon

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