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This takes a turn...

You know what, random reader, it's kinda nice to have a regularly scheduled day to blog. Monday is nice because, it gives me something to focus my thoughts on after the weekend and I think this will help me overall with getting my thoughts together, to decompress, and stay working.

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and I have to give credit to my wife, Chrissie, for putting everything together. She made a menu that was simple enough to execute without stress but still felt like a "holiday dinner". She got the kids to clean and organize and took care of inviting people. It was just my mother and her brother that came over, but nonetheless, the whole thing was worked out by my wife. Chriss, you did a great job!

Easter Sunday also included an Easter Egg Hunt that the kids really enjoyed. I might post a video of the hunt on my YouTube page for all to enjoy. Look out for that.

Interestingly, my youngest son decided that he'd rather help his uncle hide the eggs than hunt for them. Of course we obligated and he had a great time setting up where the eggs went and watching his siblings struggle to find them all. Similarly, the youngest boy-child chose to pass out candy rather than dress-up and trick-or-treat. He did great in both endeavors and had a grand ol' time!

As I was typing this out, news came through about a mass shooting in downtown Louisville. Five people, including the shooter, are dead and several others are injured, including an officer.

This is a dark day in my city. I'm really down about this. I don't know anyone that's hurt, but I could. They could be former neighbors or former co-workers. My mother works near that site. My father has appointments near that site. I have friends that live near that site.

I'd ask for you to pray for my city, but for too long, we've had faith without works.

It's time to start talking to people. Show love to the next person you meet. That doesn't have to mean money or gifts, but respect and kindness.

The World lacks love. We need more love in the world.

Moon Out.

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