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Part 2 (Kinda, but really)

In what I called Part 1, I saw a bunch of memes that really angered me. People abusing their public vote to spew the nastiest bile possible wrapped in a dog shit and passed off as dessert. Had I not stopped when I did, I'd just been writing all day and even fewer people would have read it.

It's crazy to think that the idea of that people being treated fairly is debatable. Think about that - The IDEA (just the concept) that people (any people; all people) should be treated in the same manner as any and everyone else - just because - is up for debate. Why is this?

I understand that people live different lives and believe different things AND I understand that people's beliefs shift as we grow, learn, and experience life. This, however, should never negate the respect a living sole should receive. With respect comes dignity. A person wants to lead a live that is advantageous to them and their immediate cause (their work, their hobby, their community, their family, etc.) and this I support entirely. The problem comes with this idea that," If your life is lived under particular conditions that don't align sufficiently with my own, despite the minimal impact on my life, you shouldn't be allowed to live it and, furthermore, should be hastily stopped at all cost for my pointless convenience" - What's up with this? Why is this a thing?

If you identify as White, Black, Brown, Asian, African (with the kayfabe exception of Apollo Crews), Mexican, German, English, Male, Female, Trans, Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Christian, Muslim, Satanist (yes, Satanist. If you do the research, true Satanist don't worship or even believe in "the Devil". I'm not going to do ALL the work for you. Find one and ask questions.), Agnostic, Wiccan, or whatever, You are welcome here at the House of Moon. We believe in love. We believe that people deserve respect and deserve dignity. We will grant you these liberties until you show us you don't deserve it by violating our trust and displaying a lack of general decency and compassion. This, I believe, should be the way we are all raised. If we lived on these principles, we've have fewer reasons to argue. Neighbors would be friendlier, countries would be more peaceful, Racism, sexism, xenophobia (in fact, all the -isms and -phobias (of this variety because spiders can still be scary and heights freak people out) ) would all just go away. We wouldn't have issue with social issues related to class. Respect would be universal.

I sat in my chair, sipping my chai tea, trying to figure out why people just MUST hate one another. I wonder why people MUST have a enemy. It takes so much less energy to love, care, respect, and, sometimes, mind your own business, than it does to be spiteful and hateful.

Remember this: Everything you do and feel uses some of your energy. Save that energy for something worthwhile. It costs as much of your spiritual energy to love your children as it does to hate your neighbor. Which would that energy be better spent on? To say "I love you" to your mother or to cuss out the person in front of you in line at the grocery? We think about how we spend out money. We need to think about how we spend our energy too.

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