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It's not Monday.

I wanted to do the blog yesterday, but I got busy with taking my mother-in-law to her doctor's appointment. It was going to be a lengthy one and with school out for the summer, I have all four kids with me. Now, normally, it's just the youngest daughter with me and we hang out in the parking lot, but with all four kids, that didn't seem practical. Instead, I decided to take everyone to the park up the street and that was the absolute right decision for a number of reasons.

Beyond the fact that no one (including me) really wants to just sit in the car that long, I got to spend some much needed Father/Kids time that I've been lacking.

Just before the weekend, I sit each of the kids down and asked what I could do to better our individual relationships. More time was the most common answer and that was primarily from my oldest son. So much so that I took him out for Penn Station (which to him is his new favorite) and took him out to Buff City Soap where I get my soap.

It wasn't about the spending of money, but he loved the one-on-one time. I realized that I don't spend enough time with them as I'm going to actively work towards being a more active father and the kids. I'm there. I'm present, but I want to be... better.

I just wanna be better.

Also, I went with the family to the park to see the Strawberry Moon. I tried to get good pictures, but that didn't work like I wanted.


Today, I'm working on organizing stories to be expanded into scripts AND prep for a couple of future interviews AND working on a possible commission piece.

Thanks for reading.

- Moon

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