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...a long weekend!

It's Monday, so you know what it is. - it's Blog Day! But you know that because you're reading this!

First, I wanna tell my daughter, who doesn't read this, that I'm super proud of her and her school choir who had their Spring Concert last Tuesday. My daughter has been practicing for weeks and it's nice when there is finally a payoff.

Speaking of payoff, I've been trying to break out this short story for WEEKS now and I'm having the most difficult time getting the story out of me. I know what I want to do (for the most part) but it's the working-it-into-one-cohesive-story part that I've finding borderline impossible. I'm gonna do it, I'm just stressing out to get it DONE. Once that's finished, I can post to the website and finally present the completed "Copperwheat Collection" (and the graphic that goes with it, if I haven't already). More details about that in a future newsletter.

Speaking of the newsletter, I didn't send one out for May. I was gonna, but by the time I got around to the parts, it was later in the month than I wanted so I figured I'll just re-work the June to fit the important parts. The part that upsets me the most was the charity I was going to link about, but I'll save it for June and hopefully at least one person will donate or at the very least, one person will look them up and know about them. Look out for that.

Mother's Day was yesterday! Happy Mother's Day to any mom that reads this. If you're not a mom, tell a mom happy mother's day from me. Thanks.

My mom took out my wife, my grandmother, and my aunt to the Black Jockey's Club and had a nice little brunch. My wife had a good time, but I've disassociated from my aunt so that made the outing a little awkward for her. My aunt had some choice words when we didn't want to do things her way a couple Christmases ago and I wasn't going to sit back and take it. Nevertheless, Mother's Day was a good time. The kids made cards and everything and my wife was happy and that's all I'm really concerned with.

But Saturday was this weekend's REAL event (and reason for such a long weekend)! A week ago, my Whiskey Wife Brittany (not to be confused with my daughter's mother Brittany) mentioned that she has yet to see the sixth installment in the Scream franchise (which I reviewed HERE) and wanted to now that it's streaming on Paramount+. I said that I've been meaning to rewatch it so I'd love to join her and to make sure we catch-up on the franchise going in, we should watch ALL SIX SCREAM MOVIE IN A ROW!!! It was a daunting task that took about 12 hours from start to finish including breaks, food, and a fist-fight in the street halfway through (that we were not a part of).

It was an absolute wonderful time with a fantastic friend and I've forever grateful for the Marathon and the future Double Features we've planned.

I don't want to forget a shout-out to my younger brother Derrick, who turned 34 last week, and the daughter of my other Whiskey Wife, Michelle's daughter Makayla, who just turned 21!!! Happy Birthday to you both (and sorry, Makayla that we missed your birthday celebration. I hope to make it up to you somehow).

- The Moon

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