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A Letter To America

To whomever this may reach - something to remember or to consider:

Whether it’s on the local level, State level, Federal level, or just within the confines of our homes or businesses, our laws or our rules are a reflection of our morals.

Christianity is NOT the only religion that teaches one to do the “right thing” nor it is an exclusive source of good morals. As history has shown us, religion, in general, is probably not the best basis for morals.

Just because someone is spiritual does not automatically make them morally superior nor does a lack of faith in a deity equate to a lack of moral center.

This country is populated by many people from different vantage points of this thing we all call Life. This Pool of Life is filled with the Water of Nuance. What is for me may not be for you. Doesn’t make either of us better than the other, just different. And that’s okay. In fact, it’s preferred.

Before we get too carried away with law changing, we have to remember that we don’t live in this country alone and we don’t live in this country with only people that think and believe as we do.

Every American has a story to tell. We all want the same thing - to live a prosperous life filled with happiness and joy. Every American whether they’re Black, White, Hispanic, Native, Young, Old, Tall, Short, Male, Female, Non-Binary, Transgender, Gay, Straight, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Rich, Poor, Disabled, Illiterate, Autistic, or whatever other experience has sprung from the Pool of Life has a voice that is worthy to be heard. We don’t need to agree with what’s said, but the voices should still be heard.

Our founding documents speak of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Liberty, or freedom, to live our lives as happily as we can. To marry the person whom we love or to live our lives single. To work a simple job to earn an honest living or to rise to the ranks of Chief Executive Officer of a company that bears our own name. To be the breath of a bustling urban city or to be self-reliant on acres of our own land without a neighbor in sight for miles. To follow nature and bear children, to love the undesired children through adoption, or to not bear a child at all.

Our collective focus should be on how we can foster laws that allow us to live OUR lives as WE choose and not how to restrict others, forcing them to live a life as I would. The more we are granted the liberty to pursue happiness in this life the more apt we will be to build tables and bridges as opposed to walls and fences. With this letter, I encourage whoever reads this to look upon your fellow American with new eyes; eyes that are absent of envy, jealousy, hatred, spite, and judgment. New eyes that are capable of seeing the difference between us all and seeing strangers as friends that they haven’t met yet. New eyes that shine with the light of respect and acceptance.

As an American, I look around and I see people who live lives in spaces I will never occupy. This is fine by me. That is a space designed for them. I accept the space I live in. I hope you can accept this as well. Accept this with love and care and kindness. I will.

In the name of harmony, I thank you for reading this.


Dwan L. Hearn

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