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Scream 6


Scream 6

The movie begins with a phone call.

But, it’s just the phone to a new New York restaurant. Inside said restaurant is a lovely woman named Laura sitting at the bar waiting for her blind date. The blind date texts her and says that he’s embarrassed because he’s gotten lost. She goes outside to help him find his way and ends up being lured into a nearby alley. This is where Ghostface comes out and stabs the woman to death. Then Ghostface removes his mask revealing himself to be Jason, a college student that is friends with Tara Carpenter, who is walking past him, with friends, to a Frat party, as he heads home to his roommate Greg who together are plotting to kill the Carpenter Sisters.

Yes, I know I said this would be a non-spoiler review, but this is the opening scene. I’m not spoiling the ending at all as Jason would soon meet the real Ghostface who himself wants to kill Sam Carpenter and doesn’t want Jason and Greg getting in his way.

See, not a spoiler.

At this party, we see Tara, Mindy, and Chad along with newcomers Ethan and Anika. Sam tries to get ahold of her sister and asks their roommate Quinn where she is. There’s a “cute guy” across the hall, Danny. When the news of the murders of Laura, Jason, and Greg hits the news Quinn would call her father Detective Bailey, and find out that Sam is being implicated, having her California ID found at the scene. The Carpenters would be attacked in a bodega and at the police station FBI agent Kirby Reed (from Scream 4) would join the case. News Journalist Gale Weathers would round out the list of characters in this “sequel to a requel” as Mindy would declare it.

The only bit of story info that’s important without spoiling anything is that after the events of the 2022 Woodsboro Ghostface attacks (Scream 5), internet rumors spread that Sam Carpenter, the daughter of original Ghostface Billy Loomis, was the true mastermind of the killing spree and just blamed it on her boyfriend Richie. This is widespread and lots of people believe this.

Jumping straight to my score, I’m giving this movie a 10. That’s really high praise, but I have to be honest, it wasn’t an easy score. Before writing this out, I was leaning closer to an 8 or 9. I can say that every element that I score plays out the way that it should, all things considered allowing me to give it a 10 in fairness.

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