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Scream 3

Lights! Camera! Murder!

Scream 3

Cotton Weary is back and he’s lined up to cameo in Stab 3. He gets a phone call from the newest Ghostface looking for Sidney Prescott. Ghostface is ready to kill Cotton’s girlfriend to force information out of Cotton. Cotton knows nothing and loses his girlfriend and his own life.

Ghostface is back!

Sidney Prescott is living alone in a house completely isolated from anyone and everyone that might, you know, try to keep her. She’s working under a pseudonym with the California Women’s Crisis Center.

Gale Weathers is at a speaking gig when she’s approached by a detective, Mark Kincade, who informs her of Cotton’s murder and that the killer left a clue - a picture of a very young Maureen Prescott, the murdered mother of Sidney Prescott.

Stab 3 is still in production and we meet the director Roman Bridger talking with the executives who are trying to kill the movie because of Cotton’s murder and fearing backlash. We meet the cast who are all playing characters from Scream and the technical advisor to the film, Dwight “Dewey” Riley.

The gang’s all here. Scream 3 can begin!

The story in this movie surrounds Maureen’s past in Hollywood as the cast of Stab 3 are more so the targets rather than the Legacy characters, being killed off in the order that they’re set to die in the Stab movie. Clues of Maureen’s past are what drive the investigation. As Randy, via videotape (yes, that’s how old this movie is) reminds us, a trilogy takes the story back to the past to reveal the truth behind something you thought was true but isn’t.

In the end, we learn who was truly responsible for the murder of Maureen Prescott and who set all of these events in motion. The person who had the stronger motive: Director Roman Bridger - the sole killer.

This movie got an 8 from me, losing points with the story and ending.

The general story was fine, but there are issues with the details. Example: Roman was taken downtown right before Sidney gets a call from Ghostface and before the bodyguard gets killed and the house explodes. It’s highly unlikely Roman set that up if those celebrities had been there nearly all night.

There were rumors that the character Angelina Tyler, the actress that plays Stab 3’s Sidney Prescott, was supposed to be the second Ghostface. The story would make sense if there was a second Ghostface Killer but there officially isn’t. It seems as if the movie was written with both killers in mind but the ending was rewritten for the sole killer leaving plot holes. Scream 3 being the only film (so far) with only one single killer just doesn’t sit right with me, especially if the rumors of the second killer are true. This kills the story and the ending.

I still love the movie. The commentary on the horror trilogies and comedic beats are all on point. The characters that played the Legacy characters are hilarious - they really make the movie. Also the sad real-life connection between Stab producer John Milton and Scream producer Harvey Weinstein - it’s a wonder Weinstein allowed the confrontation scene between Dewey, the Gales, and John Milton. Again, the way these movies satirize and borderline parody reality are masterful. Almost enough to give a bonus point for the genius but, I don’t wanna play favorites…

…actually, you know what? I haven’t given a bonus point yet, so why not! One bonus point for the masterful way it reflects trilogy rules and reality in Hollywood. This movie is now a 9!

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