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Jurassic World

Welcome to Jurassic Park... I mean, World

Jurassic World

Twenty years after the opening of the original Jurassic Park, Jurassic World is looking to debut a brand new, genetically engineered dinosaur, the Indominus Rex. Claire, the park’s Operations Manager, along with the park owner, Simon Masrani, are trying to secure sponsorships and ensure the new exhibit is up to par.

On this particular day, Claire’s nephews, Zack and Gray, ages 16 and 11 respectively, are visiting the island for a family weekend with their aunt, who is so busy with park business, that her assistant is sent to babysit.

Claire is asked by Mr. Masrani to recruit a mister Owen Grady, a former military member of the Navy working for InGen Technologies, a research company also owned by Masrani, that is on the island researching the intelligence of the velociraptors, to inspect the new Indominus Rex’s enclosure to ensure safe containment.

Upon inspection, Grady becomes concerned with the condition in which this brand-new dinosaur has been raised. Grady also learned this new creature is far more intelligent than anyone could have imagined - and no longer wants to live in captivity!

Indominus Rex manages to escape her enclosure, leaving a collection of murdered dinosaurs in her wake. With the lives of all 20,000 guests on the line, the potential tragedy becomes a potential opportunity for Vic Hoskins, head of Jurassic World’s private security who had been looking into using the raptors for military applications.

As the danger intensifies, Claire realizes her nephews aren’t safe and, with Owen’s help, goes out to save the boys.

With the boys safe and many guests injured or worse, Hoskins gets his way and the raptors are used the hunt down and stop the Indominus Rex. Unfortunately, this plan fails as we discover that Indominus is so dangerous because she is not only part Tyrannosaurus but also part velociraptor. Indominus communicates with the raptors and convince them to turn on the team.

With only Owen, Claire, and her nephews to face off with the Indominus Rex, Claire seeks help from the island’s Tyrannosaurus to go head-to-head with the T-Rex standing tall at the end with the help of Blue, one of the raptors that Owen had trained and regained trust with, and a Mosasaur, a giant crocodile-like dinosaur that lives in Jurassic World’s SeaWorld-esque exhibit, who eats the Indominus Rex when it crashes into its exhibit.

Overall, this was a wonderful movie. I’m typically skeptical of remakes, reboots, and requels (which is where I’d categorize Jurassic World), but this continuation from the original trilogy ticks all the boxes of a great movie that I absolutely enjoyed. On the my 10-Point Rating Scale, Jurassic World receives a score of 9!

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