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10-Point Rating System


When I decided to study deeper into film, part of that process involved watching more movies, particularly movies that I otherwise wouldn't watch. When I thought about it more, I thought I could write reviews/recaps/summaries of the movies that I watch. 

This opened the door to a dilemma. If I was going to review movies from genres that I may or may not like, how could I judge them fairly and objectively? 

This is why I created my own 10-point rating system. It's a simple system based on five yes-or-no questions:

Is the story Original? 

Does the ending make sense to the story?

Does the story/script make sense, all things considered?

Do the characters make sense, all things considered?

Was I entertained? 

A yes earns 2 points. A no earns 1 or 0 points, depending on the reason for the no. The score is usually mentioned in the review but also at the bottom of the page. 

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