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Yeah... about that...

So, earlier today, I said I was going to post two separate blogs today. I posted one and as I recalled what the subject matter I thought to discuss, I realized I kinda already addressed it.

I continue to see and hear about people who are just... generally hateful in light of America's current state. We've gotten to a point where people love PEOPLE over COUNTRY. That's not how we do things around here and it's saddening. I really want to see our country come together despite our differences in opinions - but we already talked about what I wanted to see us do next.

So now what do I do? What do I even talk about? What is it that people even want to hear me talk about. What do I want to hear me talk about?

I miss festivals. Music festivals, especially rock festivals, are all about the music and as such, no one is really an outsider. I miss the bond with total strangers. I appreciate bands doing the online thing, but it's not the same.

DOTS are pretty good candy and I think that counts as my favorite.

One of my favorite authors is Dan Brown, the author of "The DaVinci Code" and "Deception Point". I really love his character of Robert Langdon and I plan to add a tribute to Brown in my novel.... whenever I finish it.... whenever I start it.

I love professional wrestling. WWE, NXT, AEW, Impact, ROH, New Japan - I love all of it. I love the stories. I love the theatrics. There's a match between Trent Seven and Dave Mastiff in the Heritage Cup Semi-Finals that is an excellent case in storytelling WITHIN a match. My DREAM WRITING job would be to be on the Creative Writing team for a wrestling company.

I can't sing for shit.

I hate Ranch and I hate sour cream. Ironically, I love Sour Cream & Onion and Sour Cream & Cheddar potato chips. I don't know.

So yeah... about that second post... this is the best I got! lol Hope you learned something.

- Moon

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