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The Right Thing

This won't be a long one and honestly, I've debated with myself on whether or not I wanted to waste this on such a short blog knowing I can (and most likely will) use this one a future blog topic, but I haven't written anything in a bit so... fuck it, here we go!

People, including myself, always talk about growing up and learning "Right from Wrong" or "The difference between good and evil" or whatever we wanna call it on whatever given day. The difference between right and wrong shouldn't be so hard to define. In my opinion, doesn't an action help or hinder yourself or someone else? If it helps, that's good. If it hinders, that's bad. Naturally, that broad a definition will be met with exceptions and that's fine, but that's still the gist of it. My question, of course isn't about right and wrong... per se.....

This blog is more so about the difference between what you SHOULD do and what you CAN do.

An example: Let's say you're divorced with one kid between you. It's a holiday while it's your legal "turn" to have said child, you've got something else to do (whether that's work or something social or whatever - not important) and the other parent says, "Well, hey, since you're not celebrating [insert holiday here], why not just send [said kid] here with me?"

Now, before I continue, I MUST note that this is absolutely an invented scenario. While this happens in FAR TOO MANY homes around the holidays, this did NOT happen to me. Just wanted to throw that out so no one is looking at my ex sideways. We're good. Okay, disclaimer over - back to the point!

Now, in this scenario, it's implied that there's a legal arrangement and splitting of the holidays. If Parent A is busy, in my opinion, Parent B should get the chance to spend that time with their kid. So here's the option: Parent A either let's the other parent have the kid, like they SHOULD or Parent A keeps the kid away from Parent B because they legally CAN. Neither is technically good or bad. Both are "legally acceptable". But seriously, this should be a no-brainer and sadly, this happens in households across this country ALL YEAR LONG! (We need to put a stop to this! Not the subject of this blog but... maybe it should be.... anyways)

What got me on the SHOULD/CAN train is, oddly enough, Dave Chappelle. As some already know, "Chappelle Show" recently found its way on to Netflix, HBO Max, and a few other platforms. About a month later, Dave Chappelle himself has requested that fans NOT watch the show. Why? Because they aren't paying him. Dave Chappelle isn't getting paid for the views of the Chappelle Show! Fucked up, right? Well, it's a matter of a contract. Now, there's a video, I think on Instagram, where he explains it all himself and just asks fans not to watch it until he gets paid for it.

Netflix was asked to take the show down and they agreed. Why? Because that's the right thing to do. It's what they SHOULD do. ViacomCBS, who owns the rights, aren't taking it down and are continuing to offer the show on its platforms because, well, they CAN. They don't need permission.

This is a reminder to me where we are as a country. As I've looked at other issues socially I start to notice that's where we really are in America. It's no longer about what's right or what's wrong; what's good or what's bad. It's about what you SHOULD do versus what you CAN do. We see it with business, like with Chappelle, we see this in the family structure, such as the example above, and, sadly, we see it in the streets with people being shot in killed by police officers when they didn't HAVE to be solely because they COULD be shot and killed without punishment to the officers.

This is a sad time and a cold mindset that WILL backfire on America one day. We have to step away from the "because I CAN" reasons for our actions and start thinking more about what we SHOULD do in a situation. I hope anyone who reads this takes the time to consider this the next time it applies.

- Moon

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