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The Moon Returns... Part One

It's stupid early in the morning....Okay, It's 9-something am and it's not THAT early, but for the bullshit I've seen online in just the last 120 seconds... yeah, it's too early for that...

So, let's get into how muthafuckers done fucked up.

In the last "oh dear God who knows how long", we've seen a LOT of different opinions when it comes to Races, Religion, The American Way (whatever the hell that is anymore), and the reaches of "American Freedom". Suddenly it's okay to question and critique the liberties of others, make hateful statements and guise them under the veil of "Free Speech". This annoys me more than anything else and it's sad that people will spit hate with the same mouth that they kiss babies with and have the nerve to wonder what's wrong with the next generation.

If I'm going to do this, I have to be clear on my stances so I'll make that clear as we move forward. I made a few references to "something I've seen" and it's only fair I start with those.

The first thing I saw was a meme on The Book of Faces that showed Nazi soldiers giving the "Hail Hitler" salute in the top square and below them, a seemingly frightened couple, wearing face masks with the captions "How Could they all Comply? We would never do that. They must have been brainwashed"

There is SO MUCH wrong with this image I don't truly know where to begin. We'll start with the Nazis. Now, you might not have noticed, but I'm using the term "Nazis" versus the any term referencing the Nazis country of origin and this is intentional. The People of that nation have acknowledged the wrongdoings of their part in World War II and their actions, as a People, reflect their change of heart and they, in my opinion, should no longer be associated with their past misgivings (It's difficult to relegate the Holocaust and the suffering of all those people affected by the Second World War to a word like "misgivings" and to belittle the impact is not my intention, but I don't want to take away from the point being made. I digress.)

The Nazis were evil and evil in every sense of the word. Their people rejected the Nazi practices for a long time and the transition wasn't as easy as people think. The average person felt like they were giving the raw end of the Post WWI deal and the rest was a reactionary snowball lead by a man who was a powerful speaker and a master manipulator. To compare that situation to the current Global pandemic of COVID-19 is reckless and asinine. To begin with, it's ridiculous that the similar actions GLOBALLY are ignored despite being greatly publicized in favor of an opinion of some American Government takeover. Oddly enough, the Administration in question originally was the same Administration that they so desperately support. Also, the same Administration who has lied so blatantly and forwardly to them, to the faces, over and over again, and yet, despite this being brought to their attention each and every time, with evidence, they'd rather dispute the fact-checkers than to dispute the facts, or moreover, the ones gives the "facts". Sound familiar?

In the same vein of all this voluntary disassociation of truth, this sector of the population are ignoring the truth about the pandemic, the vaccine, and life during and after in the US and around the world. This sector is ignoring the fact that this disease exists (yes, there are people who still believe that COVID-19 is a fake disease with the original excuse that it was "made of by the Democrats to win the election" and would "magically go away once the election was over") and they there are public safety precautions that have to be taken for the sake of Public Safety, a responsibility of the Government. Yes, COVID-19 is a very real disease. While many people that I know personally have recovered from it relatively fine and back to the pre-COVID selves, some struggled in the hospital for much longer than they would have been rathered and some have lasting life threatening effects on their body. This disease is very real and I'd rather not lose someone in order to prove this.

The vaccine is the next step. Yes, the vaccine is safe. It's as safe as any other vaccine in the history of vaccines can be. The Vaccine is as safe of the over-the-counter pills you buy and take without ever reading the side effects on the box. It's as safe as any of the pills or injections that you see advertised during your favorite game show or sporting event. Now, while this might seem like I'm calling the COVID vaccine UNSAFE, on the contrary, I'm reminding people that this is a man-made drug, just like any and every other that we already trust blindly. We created it with a purpose - to mitigate the effects and the spread of COVID-19. Note: I said mitigate, or lessen/weaken and not eliminate. The disease is here and not "going away" completely. But the more we're prepared to fight it, the better with can live life with COVID forced to lurk in the shadows of society.

The beauty of a day where COVID is just lurking, means the current safety precautions wont be necessary anymore. You wont need a mask once most of the World is vaccinated. Why? Because then, if someone DOES have it, their body will already be fighting the virus inside them, weakening the virus and whatever version you catch from being close, it'll be weak and your body will have no problem fighting it, mitigating the short and long term effects to the point that you'd barely notice either of you had it. Flights, concerts, along with any and all mass gathering will be non-effected by the disease. Welcome back to Normalcy.

Why did I go one this big to-do about COVID? Because, the original meme in question drew a parallel to Nazism, a regime that took over Europe fueled by nationalism and murdered millions with the worst weapon of mass destruction ever known to humankind - racism. A global pandemic of this scale hasn't been seen before. The Black Plague was bad, as was Polio and the Influenza outbreak of 1918, but they weren't as widespread as COVID-19. To say that a governmental body trying to active protect its people, mostly from themselves, is equal to that of the Nazi invasion is, as I said before, reckless and asinine. This degree of irresponsibility with information is a huge problem that We, the People need to fix immediately.

(Apparently I have a lot to say this morning so we'll just pause here and call this The Moon's Return - Part 1. Part 2 coming soon)

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