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...The Dawn

lol No, I didn't spell my name wrong.

It's March of 2023 and I haven't posted a blog since December...

... and it was a dark one.

Shout out to Mike Moody who actually reached out to me after that. You were there on one of the lowest days of my life. You are always highly valued in my world. Your family is my family. I'm forever grateful.

So first I guess I'll address that briefly. First and foremost, I'm okay. It's been a tough climb out of that hole but there are just situations you find yourself in that lead you to feel worthless. You feel unvalued. You know, when you buy a desk or a table that you have to assemble and it comes with an extra nut or bolt or screw, but the assembly is so easy that you'd never need it; it's just there? That. That is how I felt that day.

Later that night, I did a podcast with some friends of mine and had technical issues, and while we got it going eventually, that frustration didn't help any. I never share that day's struggle with them but they helped me a lot just by being there and getting my head out of that space for just a little while. James. Don. Thank you.

The expression goes, "It's always darkest before the dawn". Well, that day was definitely the darkest so I suppose this must be The Dawn (hence the title).

Since the new year, I redesigned my website and opened a shop. There's not much in it but some T-Shirt designs but you can order them, so that's cool. Why did I open the shop? Because - why not? Which is kind of my mindset nowadays. I'm not getting any young and this creative freedom window may or may not last much longer, so if I have creative ideas I need to go with them while I can. I've had a few ideas that deserve to be on T-shirts. So I made them into T-shirts!

But the passion is writing and most particularly, screenwriting. This is where NightRaven Productions comes in. It's a partnership between myself and Jayson William Allen so that we can explore the film world and have a space to work. There are a lot of connections we have and made and continue to make and it's just a way to get ideas out there! More information on that as time goes on.

I've been writing more, not just short stories and screenplays, but movie reviews! If you've been on the website (which as my friends you should) you'll see that I have a "Reviews" tab. Since I was watching more movies this year, I wanted to do something that added content to the site and helped me flush out the workings of the movies I was watching. So, reviews!

I use a 10-point scale, but it's not all about how much I like the movie. It's mostly about it the movie made sense and from there why it did or didn't. It's 2 points each for the categories of Originality, Story, Characters, Ending, and the Enjoyability of the movie. It's been a fun ride reviewing movies this way. I recently watched "Children of the Corn" - the original from 1984 - and while it's still a horror classic to me and always will be, I can see things that I never noticed before (I'll have the review up later this week so you'll read about all that there).

In the end, there is a lot going my way now. Maybe not all the things, but we all gotta start somewhere. Let this be a lesson to at least myself - It's always darkest before the dawn. all way have to do is wait for the sun to rise the next day. Friends, We got this. We are okay and if we're not, we can be again Have hope. Have faith. Give grace.

I love you all.

- The Moon

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