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Looking Forward

A different focus on this blog entry. As it's December, many will be looking backward reviewing the year that was. Today, I'm looking forward to the year that will be.

Now, of course, as 2020 has taught us all, you can't always foresee how the upcoming year will go, but I like the idea of planning my future instead of dwelling on my past. 2021 has been difficult but eye-opening. The following is how I'd like to see 2022 go:

- I'd like to return to work: In 2020, I took time off for the birth of my daughter. I took two weeks off. I also started therapy for the increasingly worsening depression and anxiety I felt. It was making my work and home life unbearable. It was suggested to step away from the new job that I had, which by circumstance, was the source of a lot of my anxiety. The company was NOT to blame. They were honestly the best group of people I've had the pleasure to work with and if the circumstances were different, I'd work with them forever. The job was a sales job with commission pay and that was the issue I had. It just wasn't for me.

...Then the pandemic happened and everything shut down.

The kids were out of school for the foreseeable future and I stayed home with them. Other circumstances arose and I have been out of work since then. I would like to return to a job in 2022. Was supposed to happen in 2021, but that didn't happen.

- I'd like to not have to go to work: Okay, I know what I just said, but after being free to be as creative as I want to these last couple of years, I'd much rather go to work on my creative projects and make money from them. Isn't that the dream of all creatives?

I want to sell a book. I mean, I want to WRITE a book to sell. I have seen people selling short stories for a dollar and I think I could go that route. "Such is Life" is seven completed parts. I'd offer maybe the first for free on the website and make the rest of the series available after that. I'm also writing other stories. "The Debt" looks like it might be a chapter/series like Such is Life or maybe a book. Probably more the former than the latter. I've recently started "Birthday" and I hope to finish that soon and I'd post that for pay. This isn't to forget about the novel "The Red Soul" or my retail memoir "Conversations of Convenience" - That's a lot now that I write that all out.

- I want to start a podcast (or two): So, I've wanted to have my own show for a while now. My friend Danny and I were supposed to work on a Youtube series called 42 Point Of View, but so many issues out of anyone's control have hindered that. That's not to say it won't come back, but right now, no one is working on it.

Danny or Kyri - if you read this, know that I'm still on board.

In the meantime, I was talking to a couple of friends and we have this idea for a podcast. I'll keep that unwraps for now and when more comes of that, I'll let you all know.

In the meantime (again), I'm thinking about starting a podcast of my own. I have a title and I have a general idea and I'm just waiting to do it. The idea will be just a general conversation of a chosen topic and I may or may not have a guest and I will likely have a chat or call-ins. Just depends. What do you think I should do for my personal podcast?

- I want to FINISH a project: I have many projects ongoing and I'd love to just complete ONE of them. Even just one. The "Such Is Life" series has seven completed parts so there are projects technically finished, but the series is not complete. I'd love to take a project and declare it complete. I really want to see something to completion.

- Imaginarium 2022: I just want to go back. It was such a great experience and I want others to come with.

- I want to travel again: It's currently planned for me and some friends to go to Indy for a concert, but I also want to go visit my best friend in Massachusetts and I want to be able to take the kids somewhere other than home. I want it to be safe and I want it to be fun.

- Merch!: I'm thinking that 2022 could be the year I put out merch, or at least start the process. What kind of Merch would you be interested in? T-shirts? Buttons? Let me know!

So yeah, that's what's on my mind as far as plans for 2022. If I manage three of those I'll be happy with the year and mark it as a success.

So please, tell me what your plans are for 2022 and what you think about mine. What topics would you like to hear me discuss on a podcast? What merchandise should I put out if any? Let me know with a comment here or email me at DLHearnWrites@gmail.com . I would really like to hear from as many people as possible so, be encouraged to share this blog with as many people as you see fit. I look forward to hearing from you all.

- The Moon

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