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This Monday Blog is coming out kinda late in the day. I had a doctor's appointment today. I was going to see a specialist about the aches in my hands. You can imagine as someone who is trying to make a living and establish themselves as a writer and a blogger, the use of my hands is paramount.

Above all else, I'm happy that I have access to good doctors. Two weeks ago, I messaged my doctor about the pains and aches and she was awesome and referred me to a specialist. I appreciate the fact that she didn't make me come into her office just to send me elsewhere. The specialist was cool too...

...but this is where the frustration comes in.

So I talked about my pains and aches and he examined my hands and send my for X-Rays. We discussed my x-rays and I looked at them myself and my hands are perfectly fine.

This is where I get frustrated. I have these pains and the "responsible" thing to do is to call the doctor and get checked out. I did that and when they find nothing, what do I do from there?! And this isn't a shot of the doctors. I looked at my x-rays and my hands, in my own opinion, are perfectly fine! I didn't see any negatives at all. The doctors are doing their jobs and I'm thankful but I'm still in pain. So I make the calls and I drive the miles and I do all the things and yet... I'm still hurting with no solution in sight.

This is the reason I don't bother to seek out medical advise. Not that I don't have doctors that really try to help, but this is where I end up.

I just want to be heard but then helped and I am heard and I am helped, but there's nothing to officially help with. Oh well. I have more writing to do... we'll see whats up.

- The Moon

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