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First Thoughts Blogging Again:

So, this is weird. In the last....24 hours or so, I went from being suddenly suicidal to starting a website and about 10 minutes or so ago, I bought my name as a domain. That's a positive turn around, right? Right?! Yeah, I think so!

I guess since this is the first entry, I should kinda introduce myself. My name's is Dwan. You should know that by now if you've gotten this far! My nickname is Moon or some Moon-variant that has been group tested and accepted. For us, Moon will work. I've recently turned 37 (I still have to pause and verify that with myself. We agree, it's 37) and I feel every single bit of it. I'm married with 4 kids and I'm to this day trying to figure out what made me think four was a good number to go for. But hey, they're four of the dopest kids I could EVER ask for!

You know, it's not until you're about to write it all down do you realize how much or how little you actually have to say. Honestly, I'm kinda curious as to why you're reading this.... Why ARE you reading this?! Like it? Do ya? DO ya? Good! Glad you do.

Well, you've survive this cluster so far! I'm thankful. I used to have a blog back in the Ancient Era of the Internet in this once prosperous land called MySpace called "Moon = Blog" that became "The Rush". Basically, it was me gathering really random important and sharing it with my friends. Really the only people who read it. *shrugs* It's cool. Hopefully, I'll bring The Rush back and fill your world with more useless important that you didn't ask for.

This could be pretty cool. I think I'm really going to enjoy the idea of just spilling my heart out somewhere so I hope you're on board for the completely scattered collection of thoughts my warped brain will come up with. This will be interesting!

- Moon

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