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Blog #2 - Just Cuz

Well, would you look at that! blog number two! Let's go!

So, this morning, I voted! Who I voted for or who I didn't vote for isn't as important as the fact that I DID! Vote is more than just a RIGHT (and you bet your sweet ass that it's a RIGHT) but it's a responsibility. We have an obligation to the Nation itself to be about of it. And, to be honest, this applies to everyone.

As I'm just one man, I can only speak for one man - Me. As a Black man in America, I believe in my responsibility to the men and women of America's past that fought to grant me the right to vote in the first place. I won't take it for granted. I also belief I'm charged with the task of explaining to my children the importance of this right and how important it is to never allow anyone to infringe upon it.

I guess I'll conclude this post with the importance of going out to vote. Hell, if you need a reason, just do it so you have a right to bitch for the next four years!

Take care!

- Moon

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